Our letter for you

Dear Traveler,

Welcome to Caboclos House Ecolodge.

We are a charming family ecolodge in the heart of the jungle ran by empowered women who grew up in the riverside communities nearby and who are passionate about our incredible home, the Amazon Rainforest.

Caboclo is a term used to designate someone who is a mix of indigenous folks with a white person. In other words: ourselves and pretty much all our neighbors born across the jungle.

For us, tourism, is not only an economical activity.

Tourism is our way to share with the world the incredible ecosystem where we were lucky to grow up. Tourism is our connection with different cultures and the valorization of our own. Tourism has made us even prouder of who we are and where we come from.

And tourism is only possible because of you, your family and your friends who are coming along.

We expect you to feel like home. But above it all, we expect you to care, to respect and to exchange. We expect you to explore our roots and your own. To feel the vibrant energy of the jungle and to experience our nature – its colors and tastes, sounds and textures, views and sensations – like you’ve never done before. We expect you to enjoy every single moment and to go back home with a full heart and a smiling soul.

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We will be waiting for you.


Caboclos House Family

Chá Amazônia