Canoagem na Amazônia

We offer unique jungle experiences from 3 to 5 days, among two different tours: Wild or Connection. The activities we offer are community-based and aim to keep the forest standing.  You can also design your own tailor-made tour talking to our team.

Our Jungle Packages include transfer between Manaus-Caboclos-Manaus (MAO Airport); a comfortable stay at Caboclos; breakfast, lunch and dinner with typical dishes; besides different ecological and cultural activities.

When you get here, a tour guide will go along with you the whole time, sharing wisdom about our nature and culture, and making sure you make the most of our time. For english speaking guests, we only offer travel packages that include a tour guide companion everyday.
Caboclos Amazônia

Caboclos Ecolodge is surrounded by nature and on the banks of Rio Negro (the Black River). Apart from jungle activities, you can enjoy our rich and preserved surroundings. Enjoy our pool, go for a river bath, take a walk and try tropical fruits.

Activities you may join


Exploring the lake

Navigate through beautiful landscapes of Lago do Acajatuba, watch pink dolphins and get lost in the sound of nature.

Sunset in the floating house

Contemplate the gorgeous Amazônia sunset from a floating house where Nilde’s parents live.

Trilha Amazônia

Jungle hike

Hike into the jungle, discover its mysteries and learn some survival techniques.

Sunrise on the river

Wake up before the sun and experience the magic of another day starting in the jungle.

River beach

During the dry season, enjoy a paradisiacal beach that is formed when the water goes down.

Amazônia Igapós

Flooded forest – igapós

 During the wet season, navigate inside the jungle through the flooded forest.

Pink dolphins interaction

Swim with pink dolphins from an authorized interaction platform. 

Igapós Amazônia

Piranha fishing

Spend some time learning how to fish the typical Amazonian fish – piranha.


Night alligator watch

Go on a river night tour to watch alligators and other nocturnal animals. 

Ariaú River

Explore another river in the surroundings, Rio Ariaú, watching wild animals and learning about the history of the largest jungle lodge ever built in the Amazon, nowadays in ruins.


Carimbó dance class

Guided by Nilde’s daughters, put on a traditional round skirt and learn how to dance our typical rhythm named carimbó.

Parazinho Força do Querer

Local village immersion

 Explore a traditional riverside community while getting to know locals who live here. From a local school to small shops, experience our unique lifestyle.

diário de bordo

Medicinal plants workshop

Learn about different herbs and plants that can be used as natural medicines and prepare your own syrup.


Night sky watch

On a nocturnal boat ride, we will turn off lights, motors and feel the power of the Amazon.

Oficina de artesanato no "Parazinho"

Handicrafts workshop

With female artisans from Casa Japiim, get to know raw materials from the Amazon and learn how to make your own accessory to bring home a self made souvenir.

Visit the manioc house

Get to know how locals used to produce many of their daily foods made from cassava, also known as manioc or yuca.

Artisanal soap workshop

Learn how to make your own soap from local essential oils and ingredients, with the female enterprise Cheiro da Floresta. 

Jam workshop

Learn how to make jam from local ingredientes, such as Brazilian nut and cupuaçu.


Explore water streams surrounding Caboclos paddling your own canoe. 

Aldeia Amazônia

Indigenous tribe

Get to know a typical indigenous community. This tour is paid separately in all packages.

How does your trip help the world?

✓ Our community is the heart of our tours. We are a local family and we offer locally organized activities held by natives.

We value Amazon sociobiodiversity. Either trying typical dishes, either dancing local music, find out the heritage of Amazon peoples.

✓ Our expansion respects the ecosystem limits. Tourism is our alternative for keep the forest standing. Be part of the solution.

If you have any specific wish, please let us know.