Amazon Travel Guide – visiting Brazil

If you love to plan trips that enable nature connection and cultural exchange, you probably dreamed about visiting the Amazona Rainforest. It might sound mysterious and complicated at first, but exploring the Amazon can be easier than you think.

To make your life easier, we prepared an Amazon Travel Guide to explore the Brazilian part of the jungle, starting from the city of Manaus. You will read tips and orientations written by Brazilians who know exactly what they are talking about, answering questions such as:

  • – Shall I stay in Manaus?
  • – Is it possible to explore riverside and indigenous cultures?
  • – Are there only high-profile resorts? Or are there any local options?
  • – How to transit from one place to another?
  • – Is it dangerous?
  • – How to pack?
  • – Can I hire a full package?

For starters, it’s important to say that this is not only the largest tropical forest worldwide, with a surprising biodiversity. It is also home of extremely rich cultures manifested by indigenous and riverside peoples.

Therefore when you considere visiting the Amazon, do more than seeing the jungle and its animals. For a complete experience, choose to go on a tour package that allow you to get to know the local cultures and exchange experience with local communities.

With no more delays, the Amazon Travel Guide:

1. When to go – plan your dates

There is no right or wrong time to visit the Amazon. It all depends on the landscape you wanna see and the activities you wish to do.

Rainy season goes from November to April and dry season from May to October. On the other hand, the river’s water level is high from March to September and low from October to February.

When the river is high you can go canoeing through the flooded forest and its easier to watch the wildlife. When the river is low you can enjoy beautiful river beaches and you are more likely to get a catch when fishing.

Regarding to the length of your stay, jungle package vary from 2 to 5 days. To also explore Manaus and its surroundings, ideally you should have around a week. If it’s a shorter trip, you could stay 1 or 2 nights in the jungle and 1or 2 in Manaus.

2. Book your stay at a jungle lodge

We have some golden tips for when you’re booking your stay:

  1. Full packages: find a jungle lodge that offers full packages, including accommodation, meals, activities, tour guide and transfer. As most of jungle lodges are far from urban centers, your life will be much easier if your lodge arrange all logistics for you.
  2. Cultural exchange: as we mentioned before, we suggest you to go beyond ecotourism exploration. It is indeed amazing to swim with pink dolphins and go hiking in the jungle, but you should interact with the most precious part of the Amazon: its people. At Caboclos House Ecolodge we are proud to say we are a family lodge ran by locals. We will host you as part of our family!
  3. Match your preferences: find a package that really suits your needs, cause once you get there, you will be pretty much limited to what the lodge can offer you. If you have an specific desire make sure you let the lodge know. After all, you don’t go to the Amazon every week.

3. Buy your flight ticket to Manaus

After making sure the jungle lodge is available to host you, buy your flight tickets to Manaus. The airport name is Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes (MAO), and it’s around a 25 minutes drive from downtown or 2 to 3 hours from jungle lodges.

4. Confirm details with the jungle lodge

To make your stay as smoothly as possible, make sure your jungle lodge has all your details:

  • – Pick up e drop off: where and when the transfer will pick you up and drop you off. If you are meeting at the airport, also share your flight details.
  • – Food restrictions and allergies, if you have.
  • – Physical restrictions, if you have.
  • – Internet and phone signal: most of jungle lodges, as they are located in remote areas, have limited connection. If this is the case, solve your duties in advance.

5. Book you hotel in Manaus

If your flight lands after 4 pm, you will probably only be able to go to the jungle lodge the day after. Therefore, do book your stay in Manaus.

We suggest you to stay in the city center, close to the Amazon Theatre and Manaus’ mains attractions.

6. Prepare important items

  • – Bring your passport as any other international trip.
  • – We advise you to take out a travel insurance just in case.
  • – For traveling anywhere in Brazil health recommendations are antimalarial tablets, Hepatitis A and B and yellow fever vaccination.
  • – When packing, check our packing list.

Ready to start your journey after reading our Amazon Travel Guide? If you want to check the packages you offer, just click here.

Safe travels!